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The Most Common Types of Roof Repairs

As spring approaches, the chances of getting roof damage dramatically increases. Then, as hurricane season arrives, it increases yet again. Learning the common types of roof repairs in Orlando needed will help you communicate more effectively with great roofing contractors, like Orlando Roofing Company, and with your insurance provider. While roof repair in Orlando may never be at the top of your fun list, they try to make it as painless as possible.


Standing puddles of water can cause severe roof damage. While it is possible to see ponding on all types of roofs, it is especially a problem on flat roofs. There are several different problems that can cause water to pool causing roof damage. Blocked, damaged or missing drains and gutters can cause ponding as the water backs up onto the roof. Another common problem is a sagging structure where the water no longer properly flows off it. If a new roof is needed, consider installing a membrane stopping ponding from occurring.

Roof Leaks

Many homeowners have found that their roof leaks during a thunderstorm while others have noticed unsightly brown stains on their ceilings. Roof leaks can be caused by many different factors. Even one loose shingle can cause a roof to leak. Other times, the valley has been compromised by someone stepping on it or materials being improperly fastened to it. Unfortunately, poor workmanship can also cause roofs to leak, and the contractor is often nowhere to be found. Storms may send limbs or other pieces of debris through your roof. When rooms inside homes contain too much moisture, then eventually the roof will leak.

Roof Shrinkage

While the first thing that may come to your mind when you hear the term roof shrinkage may be a roof getting smaller when roofing companies use this term, they mean that the membrane designed to protect your roof has shrunk over time. Often, this is a result of poor workmanship while other times it is the result of poor materials being used. The roof’s design may be flawed causing roof shrinkage to occur faster.

Roof Blisters

Roof blisters look like little pimples or bubbles on shingles. While some roof blisters are not an immediate concern, if your roof has many them, then it can cause your roof to leak. They normally appear within the first year or two of having a new roof installed. Roof blisters are one of the most heated topics among roofers and shingle manufacturers. Many manufacturers argue that roof blisters are cosmetic and will not hurt the roof at all. Many roofers, however, say that they have seen evidence that having roof blisters shortens the expected lifespan of the roof. Poor room ventilation in rooms with lots of water usage can cause roof blisters, so make sure that these rooms are vented properly.

There are many different reasons that you may need roof repair in Orlando. When you do, call the honest professionals at Orlando Roofing Company. They sincerely want to be your residential and commercial roofing specialist.